Youth Sports and Adult Sports

Adult Sports Leagues

Chowchilla Adult Recreation Organization hosts adult softball leagues.  You can find more information on the Facebook Page.

Youth Sports Leagues

Youth sports programs are provided by volunteer-run organizations. Some operate independently, and others are affiliated with the Chowchilla Athletic Foundation, Inc. 

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Chowchilla Adult Recreation 

Chowchilla Little League Baseball & Tee-Ball

Chowchilla Youth Flag Football

Chowchilla Youth Football

Chowchilla Community Recreation Soccer League

Chowchilla Girls Recreation Softball & Tee-Ball

Chowchilla Redfins Swim Team

Chowchilla Youth Basketball

Organized Team Sports

Please contact the Recreation Department for travel teams who wish to reserve the fields to see availability. Rules and Restrictions apply. In order for organized teams to use the fields, they are required to rent the field if available, have the appropriate insurance coverage for the entire team, and have a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Chowchilla as additional insured.  If the fields are under contract with an organization, which most are, they are not available for rent.  They are only available post-season for the sport.