Information on Measure N - Public Safety Sales Tax Initiative

Measure N is a tax measure passed by the voters within the City of Chowchilla in 2018.  This tax measure dedicates funding to be spent only on public safety for hiring, retention, and equipment for the police and fire departments.  It has had a tremendous impact on the efficiency of each entity and its ability to reduce crime or respond to medical emergencies and fires quickly. 

The Public Safety Sales Tax has an Oversight Committee that serves as an advisory body to review expenditures and appropriations of the public safety sales tax revenues to comply with the intended purposes defined in the Municipal Code. The Commission consists of five members appointed by the City Council. Meetings are conducted as needed in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Click Here for more information on the Oversight Committee.

The information below is specific to the crime within our city before the measure and since the measure was passed.  In a state where many cities are seeing an increase in crimes, it is because of each of you who supported this measure that crime has been reduced.  Impact on crime chart