Solid Waste & Recycling

The Solid Waste Division of the Public Works Department oversees the community waste management and recycling program. This division works with Mid Valley Disposal; the franchise refuses disposal service to provide weekly-up trash collection services and recycling.

To begin disposal services to your address, contact the City of Chowchilla Finance Department Utilities Division at (559) 665-8615, ext. 783. You can also visit the office at Chowchilla City Hall, 130 South Second Street.

Utility service issues should also be directed to the Utilities Division. For specific waste disposal and recycling information, contact Mid Valley Disposal at (559) 665-3099.

Pack Out Service 

The City of Chowchilla offers pack-out services to customers in need of assistance with their solid waste containers (garbage, recycling, and green waste).  Residents who qualify are physically unable to place their solid waste containers at the curb and have no other available resources to comply with the requirements.  It is understood a doctor’s note or prescription form can be requested to verify the disability or limitations.  Please fill out the Pack Out Service Application and submit it to the Finance Department for processing.

Pack Out Application 

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner; Mid Valley will be closed on December 26th and January 2nd. Services will be delayed by 1 day during these weeks. Their drivers will work Saturdays to ensure everyone gets their weekly service.

Natural Christmas trees can be placed in your green organics cart to be made into nutrient-rich compost. To dispose of properly, please remove all decorations, cut your tree into 3ft sections, and make sure the lid closes. 

California Recycling

Business & Multifamily Community Compliance

California State law has established the goal of reducing solid waste disposal by no less than 75% through recycling or composting by 2020. While the Legislature intends to allow local jurisdictions the flexibility to develop and maintain solid waste recycling programs, state law sets a basic outline for solid waste reduction in commercial and multifamily properties.

In the City of Chowchilla, the local recycling program and information on recycling are provided through the City’s contracted waste hauler provider Mid Valley Disposal. Both the City and Mid Valley Disposal are developing informational programs to encourage the affected businesses and multifamily properties to participate and promote recycling to their operations, customers, and tenants.

Businesses and multifamily properties are encouraged to visit the websites listed below to get helpful ways to educate their operations, employees, contractors, and tenants to come into compliance with the state regulations. Businesses are also encouraged to print and distribute informational flyers. The materials can be found on the Institute for Local Government website and on the California Green Business Program website.

Who Must Recycle

The State of California and City of Chowchilla law requires any business that generates four cubic yards or more of waste per week and multifamily communities with five or more units to arrange for recycling services.

How to Arrange for Recycling Services

Businesses that meet the qualification threshold must place source-separated recyclable materials in the bins or containers provided by Mid Valley Disposal. Businesses may also donate, sell and/or make other arrangements to pick up and recycle the materials. This includes self-hauling the materials to recycling facilities.

Opportunities to Save Money by Recycling

In the City of Chowchilla, you can save money by recycling more and disposing of less because recycling fees are less than waste disposal fees.

Opportunities to Save Resources & Help the Environment

Recycling conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It extends the life of our landfills and helps create a healthy environment for our community and future generations.

Be Sure to Educate Your Employees

Employees are key to a successful business recycling program. Make sure your employees know which materials can be recycled and where to place the recyclable materials for temporary storage and ultimate collection. For information on recyclable products, visit the CalRecycle Information for Consumers website.

What Not to Place in Recycling Bins

Some hazardous waste can be recycled if handled properly. Other types of hazardous waste must be sent to a special facility. It is important that no hazardous waste should be placed in trash containers.

Hazardous waste such as batteries, paint, antifreeze, chemicals, and cleaning products should not be mixed with your recyclable materials for collection. Instead, these hazardous wastes should be recycled or disposed of properly. Electronic devices such as old computers, monitors, TVs, and cell phones are recyclable but also contain hazardous materials. They should not be placed in recycling bins or in trash bins.

Household Hazardous Materials Program

Dispose of used motor oil at Certified Collection Centers. For Chowchilla area residents, these include:

Fairmead Landfill
21739 Road 19
Chowchilla, CA 93610
Phone: (559) 665-7300

Waste Tire Disposal

Old tires can be disposed of at:

Fairmead Landfill
21739 Road 19
Chowchilla, CA 93610
Phone: (559) 665-7300

Tire recycling events are conducted at various times throughout the year, and details may be found in local newspapers or social media outlets.

Where to Get More Information

Information about California’s mandatory commercial recycling requirements is available from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). Information on recycling resources for business and industry is available from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). Mid Valley Disposal conducts the City of Chowchilla's local recycling program. Call them at (559) 665-3099 for recycling information.

Disposal Guide

Information for Apartment Owners-Managers

It is important that both apartment managers and tenants understand the State of California requirements to recycle, including which materials can be recycled and where to place them for collection.

  • State law requires multifamily communities with five or more units to recycle.
  • State law requires apartment owners to offer recycling services and residents to recycle. Apartment owners may require tenants to recycle.
  • Consider placing the flyers in areas such as laundry rooms or at garbage collection locations.
  • Consider giving the flyer to new tenants when the lease is signed and annually to all other tenants.
  • Consider including recycling requirements in tenant leases.
  • Information about multifamily recycling can be obtained from the California Apartment Association website.

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

California Green Building Code (CALGreen)

The City of Chowchilla is developing guidelines to implement California Green Building Code (CALGreen) requirements for 50% diversion of waste from construction and demolition projects. In the interim, please view and/or download the information brochure provided by Mid Valley Disposal, the City’s franchise refuse disposal service company, that has useful information for your upcoming project. For additional information, view the Construction and Demolition Debris Services Brochure (PDF).

State Senate Bill 1383

Mid Valley Disposal 

SB1383 is a bill that was passed to reduce organic waste disposal from our landfills by 75 percent and increase edible food recovery by 20 percent by 2025 and takes effect January 1, 2022. All jurisdictions are required to adopt a mandatory organic waste ordinance. Jurisdictions will enforce and apply fines and penalties to anyone who does not comply.
State Senate Bill 1383 Flyer

Recycling Guide

Food Recovery Organization Directory

Solid Waste Franchise Agreement

The California State Governor signed AB 2048. The law requires:

  • Local and state public agencies are to post to their public website all franchise agreements with solid waste and recycling haulers
  • Local and state agencies to provide a direct hyperlink to the online agreements to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
  • CalRecycle to create and maintain a public database of public agency franchise agreements with the hyperlinks provided  

Mid Valley Disposal Solid Waste Franchise Agreement