Fireworks Sales Booth Lottery

Biennial Drawing For Fundraiser Fireworks Sales Booths 

Next application period is June 2021.

Every two years community organizations are invited to submit a Fireworks Booth Sales Lottery Draw Application to be entered into a drawing for selection to setup temporary fireworks sales booths and sell legal fireworks within the city limits as a fundraiser. The annual sales period is from late June up through the July 4th Independence Day holiday.

Applications are ONLY ACCEPTED between June 1 and June 30 of each application year, the year that ends in an odd number. Organizations must meet eligibility qualifications as defined in the application.

The City Council will conduct the lottery draw in July of the application year. Selected organizations will be approved for two consecutive sales years beginning with the following June of the year ending in an even number. Selected organizations must submit a Fireworks Permit Application and fulfill all the listed requirements prior to beginning any fireworks sales.