Dispatch & Records Program


The Dispatch and Records Program is often the first link in communication between the public and the Police Department. Emergency 911 calls for Police, Fire, and First Responders to medical emergencies are all taken by a Community Service Officer (CSO) in the Dispatch Center.

Community Service Officers assigned to the Dispatch Center are also involved in servicing non-emergency telephone calls, walk-ins to the Police Department lobby, acting as the point of contact for other police and public safety agencies, assisting the CSO and Records Supervisor in maintaining department records, and fingerprinting.

Police Report Request

Copies of police reports may be obtained at the Police Department by providing date, time, and name(s) of subjects involved in the report along with a state-issued photo identification card. View and download the Report Request (PDF) document. The form lists the applicable fees and requirements to obtain a report.

If you are a suspect in a criminal report, you must obtain a copy of the report through your defense attorney.

For more information regarding the release of police reports, contact us at 559-665-8600 or send an Email to Police Records.