City Council

The City Council is comprised of five members who are elected at large to overlapping four-year terms. Each December, the City Council members select the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem from their ranks.

The City Council appoints the City Administrator, Police Chief, City Attorney, City Commissions, Committees, and Boards. The Mayor signs official documents chairs the Council meetings, and acts as the official head of the City at public and ceremonial occasions.

Rules of Procedure of the City Council

A procedures manual assists the City Council by documenting currently accepted practices. Through the City Council's and staff's agreement to be bound by these practices, with the City Administrator's overall responsibility, the effective administration of City Council affairs is greatly enhanced. While attempting not to be overly restrictive, procedures are established to articulate expectations and practices clearly to guide Council Members' actionsThe procedures manual may be revised from time to time. Click HERE to view/download the Rules of Procedure of the Chowchilla City Council manual.

Notice of City Council Reorganization 

The City Council selects the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem from its ranks each December. Click HERE  Version OptionsCity CouncilHeadlineElected Members of the City CouncilCity Council Meetings to view/download the latest reorganization notice.

City Council Board Appointments 

The City Council annually makes appointments as necessary to City Commissions, Committees, and Boards. Click HERE to view/download the latest appointment notice.

Chowchilla Strategic Plan

The Chowchilla Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for the City’s vision for the future through defined goals and objectives. The document was developed through committed participation during joint workshops with the City Council, the Administrative Management Team, City staff, and community residents and stakeholders. Click HERE to view/download the latest Chowchilla Strategic Plan.

Elected Members of the City Council

Group photo council members 2024

City Council Meetings

The City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, starting at 4:00 PM. Special and emergency meetings may be scheduled as needed. Meetings are held in the City Council Chambers in City Hall, 130 S. Second Street, Chowchilla, CA 93610.

The beginning of each meeting is set aside for Public Address to provide communication with the City Council on items of interest that are not on the agenda and that are within the City Council’s jurisdiction. Each speaker is asked to limit their comments to three minutes. The City Council may or may not respond to comments. They are prohibited by law from taking action on items brought up during the Public Address.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas must be posted in compliance with state law (Brown Act).

  • Regular meeting agenda must be posted no less than 72 hours before the meeting.
  • Special meeting agenda must be posted no less than 24 hours before the meeting.
  • Emergency meeting agenda must be posted no later than 1 hour before the meeting.

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. Click HERE to go to the Meeting Agendas and Minutes page.

To place an item on a future City Council agenda, contact the City Clerk’s Office. All supporting information must be provided to the City Clerk’s office no less than twenty (20) days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Needing Special Assistance

The City of Chowchilla complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA of 1990). The Council Chambers are accessible to the physically disabled. If you need special assistance, please call (559) 665-8615, extension 102, at least one week prior to the meeting.

City Council Compensation

City Council wages are set by the Chowchilla Municipal Code, Chowchilla Municipal Code Chapter 2.04.110 - Council Salaries.

Statements of Economic Interest

The City Council Members are elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 and file statements of economic interests with the City Clerk’s office. Copies of the statements of economic interests filed by the elected officers may be obtained by visiting the offices of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) at 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, California 95814, or the Chowchilla City Clerk’s office at 130 S. Second Street, Chowchilla, CA 93610. The statements of economic interests for some state and local government agency elected officers may be available in electronic format on the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) website.

Contact the City Council

You can email the entire City Council at Your email will be forwarded and tracked for response by the City Clerk. For the individual contact information of each Council member, click on the photo above. Written correspondence can be mailed to: Council member name, City of Chowchilla, 130 S. Second Street, Chowchilla, CA 93610.